Smart Street Lighting

Easy access and remote-controlled management are the aims of LYDS Smart Street Lighting Management System; designed to not only to integrate lighting infrastructure, but also environmental sensors spread across the city. With scalable interface and flexible customized service, users can access upgraded Smart City solutions immediately.

Optimized Dashboard & Map Overview

Scalable Web Service & Mobile App

Customized Remote Control & Management System

Real-time Data Reporting & Analysis


Convenient Implementation & Maintenance

With the scalable web service and mobile app, both administrators and lighting operators can maintain outdoor lighting fixtures remotely.

Easy Access Service & Management

The dashboard with map visualization help provide a quick overview of the whole system status to deliver in-time service.

Insightful Real-time Data

The wireless controller is designed with sensors to detect various lighting parameters to deliver real-time data on each light fixture and provide for further analysis.

Energy Efficiency

Paired with LYDS SRC-LNP6 Wireless Luminaire Controller, the system helps users reduce waste by allowing for both remote control and preconfigured scheduling base on both calendar or individual events.

Key Functions

management dashboard

Scalable and Customizable Dashboard

Classify dashboard content based on system management requirements and account hierarchy.

map visualization

Map Visualization with Alarm Notification

The integrated map chart shows the geographical positioning and status of each lighting fixture.

Friendly remote management UI design

Remote Lighting Control

User-friendly interface allows for remote management of the system based on lighting requirements.

smart city data visualization

Real-time Monitoring & Insightful Data Analysis

Real-time data and automatic notification, including lighting parameters and controller status, provide for easy maintenance and monitoring.

lighting schedule management

Lighting Schedule Configuration

Pre-defined lighting schedules set according to daylight timetables or venue events.

smart lighting dashboard

Multiple Smart City Sensors Integration

LYDS is the expert to build the complete smart city application by integrating sensors spread across cities.

Solution Architecture


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