Flood Monitoring & Prevention

Global climate change is causing urgent and ongoing threats across the world. Predicting a crisis in advance and being prepared offer the best way to overcome these challenges. Our IoT platform is a fully integrated, online, end-to-end, parameter driven solution for flood prevention and monitoring.

Device Management

Data Visualization

Hardware Monitor


Docker Container


Real-Time Notifications

Timely messages help reduce casualties by warning of impending floods. Users can receive flood status updates anytime, anywhere to mitigate damage.

Disaster Management

In addition to increasing the safety of citizens, the solution can alert authorities, enabling emergency response procedures to be enacted as soon as disaster strikes.

Increased Safety

The system allows users to set the water level threshold and report intervals when an event is triggered, helping warn citizens to stay out of the flood area when water is rising.

Improved Efficiency

The system can be deployed quickly. Compared with flood barrier construction, the system is relatively effortless and cost effective.

Key Functions

Live Video Streaming

Live Video Streaming

With the camera installed on-site, the system provides live video streaming for real-time situational awareness.

System Status Monitoring

System Status Monitoring

By pairing with the Smart Protocol Gateway, the device sends equipment status information through I/O and serial ports to the system, enabling remote management.

Insightful Data Analysis

Insightful Data Analysis

The solution provides data analysis functions by acquiring data via systems deployed within the region.

Deployment at a Glance

Deployment at a Glance

Get a quick overview of the situation with the system table featuring detailed information of deployed devices including status, coordinates, project info, etc.

Map Visualization

Map Visualization

Google Map integration displays the geographical location of equipment and real time status.

smart lighting dashboard

Multiple Smart City Sensors Integration

LYDS is the leading experts in delivering the complete Smart City application by integrating sensors spread across cities.

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