Smart Pole & Digital Signage

Smart pole and digital signage solutions integrate environmental sensors, EV charging stations, networks, cameras, videos, and services which can provide key functions designed to meet needs of residents and visitors across different applications. The solution also helps to extend deployment of different innovative applications in various fields to help build a smarter city life.

Interactive Display

Integrated Services

Video Recognition

Solar Battery

EV Charger

Environmental Sensors


Accelerate & Enhance Smart City Operations

The solution provides multi-function citizen services, transportation assistance, new policy announcements, and information via interactive display for efficient municipal management that increases resident satisfaction and quality of life.

Increase Remote Management Efficiency

In addition to providing energy savings and remote management capabilities, the solution also integrates environmental sensors with wireless connectivity for remote environmental monitoring and management across the city with both frontend and backend services.

Leverage Useful Data

With data analysis including pedestrian flow detection and an interactive panel, the solution provides more effective content delivery based on target audience and time of day for web pages, promotional images, text, or even commercial advertising campaigns.

Key Functions


Information Display Dashboard

Information Display Dashboard

Including local weather and environmental data, city map, advertisement campaigns, and news tickers.

Camera and Photos

Camera and Photos

Residents can take photos with local landmarks and interact with the local government.

Precise Targeting for Advertisements

Precise Targeting for Advertisements

With pedestrian flow detection and data statistic technology, advertisements can be displayed based on the best time for engagements, increasing advertisement efficiency.


Remote Management Platform

Remote Management Platform

The backend platform shows all smart pole locations and information including coordinates, system status, and more based on deployed sensors.

News Tickers, Advertisements and Videos

News Tickers, Advertisements and Videos

Mangers can upload videos, ads, and news tickers based on the display location and interests of target audiences.

Data Statistics

Data Statistics

The solution provides big data analysis of statistics gathered around the smart pole, with pedestrian flow detection to help increase the effectiveness of broadcasts.

Solution Architecture

smart pole solution architecture

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